Mike Proposed in Dublin...Old News


A little over a year ago I went to Dublin with Mike. From Sherborne, England we traveled Northwest by train through the English countryside to Wales. Enjoying our sandwiches from M&S, we found two unexpected tour guides in the elderly friends from Wales. They pridefully pointed out notable landmarks, from markets to old castles, as the names of towns went from something we could easily read to the challenging tongue-twisters of the Welsh language.

From Wales we boarded a ferry to bring us to Dublin. Typically I am useless when it comes to documenting our travels through pictures yet, because of my attraction to water, I ended up with a quick video-clip memento of the Irish Sea on my cellphone. Like a Vija Celmins’ painting, space is both flattened and wide-reaching as the waves respond to the presence of our boat.

A few quick days of sightseeing and eating through Dublin ended with a happy proposal on the Fr. Mathew Bridge over the River Liffey, how appropriate. Mike and I, caught up in the rush of such a monumental step and equally useless at documenting such events in pictures, forgot to get a photo immediately after. The photo we did manage was taken by some Canadian passerby’s after the emotions had settled. In fact, we took a few photos in order to get at least one good one. Looking through the series of photos, each one only differing slightly, I landed on my favorite. In the commotion of simultaneously directing us and composing the image, our photographer must have accidentally captured her hand morphing into the city in a quick blur (one of those images you would typically delete).

The two images I left Dublin with contrast one another. One a thoughtful and artistic attempt to capture the essence of water (reserved for a potential future project), and one an obligatory quick and accidental snapshot to capture our happiness after agreeing to officially continue our life together. I have always felt that my creative personality has existed outside of my day-to-day life, they are separate, and the difference of these two images underline that feeling. In an attempt to marry two aspects of myself, I wanted to create a piece that somehow merged the snapshot of our proposal to my creative work. A humorous blur of skin-tones and blues, only valuable to the moment it attempted to capture, overlaid over a journey over water.