Artist Packing List for Alaska Camping

I’m headed to the last frontier this week for a two week(ish) camping trip. I try to stay pretty minimal when camping but I find myself consistently inspired on these trips (who wouldn’t?) so I do bring some art supplies to manage when the need to create hits. I typically will do quick sketches for later in the studio so a sketchbook is all I need. Here is my packing list with a few other essentials for the artist on the go:


  • Sketchbook (I prefer gridded paper)

  • Canon G10 with Battery Charger

  • Tripod

  • Yes, all 150 of my Prismacolors since my work primarily addresses color

  • Range of graphite pencils

  • To Buy: a pencil sharpener (have no idea where mine went)

And, that’s about it. Alaska sketch posts to come!